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The city, similarly to much of the state, has heavy Mayan, Spanish, French, British, Lebanese and to a lesser extent Dutch influences. T'ho had been a center of Mayan culture and activity for centuries: because of this, some historians [ who? The result of this concentration of wealth can still be seen today. Many large and elaborate homes still line the main avenue called Paseo de Montejo , though few are occupied today by individual families.

Many of these homes have been restored and now serve as office buildings for banks and insurance companies. The Yucatan Peninsula, in particular the capital city Merida, is in a prime location which allows for economic growth. Merida has been a popular location for investment. High rates of urban poverty can be attributed to the rapid development of these cities and resource and service allocation can be disproportionate between the rich and the poor of the area. Due to the rapid expansion of these cities, there is uneven distribution of services among members of the community.

To the east is the state of Quintana Roo, to the west is the state of Campeche, to the north is the Gulf of Mexico, and far to the south is the state of Chiapas. The city is also located in the Chicxulub Crater. Almost no surface water exists, but several cenotes underground springs and rivers are found across the state.

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The more affluent neighborhoods are located to the north and the most densely populated areas are to the south. The rainy season runs from June through October, associated with the Mexican monsoon which draws warm, moist air landward. Easterly waves and tropical storms also affect the area during this season. State government officials reside here. The municipal or local government is invested under the authority of a City Council Ayuntamiento which it is seated at the Municipal Palace of Merida, located at the city's downtown.

¿Poner un Gimnasio es Buen Negocio? - El Show De Ideas De Negocios Rentables

Some explanations include the common color of its old buildings painted and decorated with "cal" or the fact that the residents keep the city particularly clean. At the same time it is a modern city with a range of shopping malls, auto dealerships, hotels, restaurants, and leisure facilities.

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The famous avenue Paseo de Montejo is lined with original sculpture. Each exhibit remains for ten months of the year. In , sculptures on Paseo de Montejo featured works by artists from Mexico and Japan. The conquistadors found the Mayan culture to be incredibly resilient, and their attempts to eradicate Mayan tradition, religion, and culture had only moderate success.

The surviving remnants of the Mayan culture can be seen every day, in speech, dress, and in both written and oral histories. It falls on November 1 and 2 one day for adults, and one for children and is commemorated by elaborate altars dedicated to dead relatives. Many Yucatecans enjoy eating this on and around the Day of the Dead.

And, while complicated to make, they can be purchased and even shipped via air. Muk-bil literally means "to put in the ground" or to cook in a pib , an underground oven. The library is also the site for expatriate meetings, children's storytelling hours, and other cultural events. It includes influences from the local Mayan cuisine, as well as Caribbean, Mexican, European and Middle Eastern foods.

Achiote is a popular spice in the area. It is derived from the hard annatto seed found in the region. The whole seed is ground together with other spices and formed into a reddish seasoning paste, called recado rojo. The other ingredients in the paste include cinnamon, allspice berries, cloves, Mexican oregano , cumin seed, sea salt, mild black peppercorns, apple cider vinegar, and garlic. The Mayan language is melodic, filled with ejective consonants p', k', and t' and "sh" sounds represented by the letter "x" in the Mayan language.

Leccion 7 fotonovela ordenar

Even though so many people speak with the Mayan dialect, or in some instances the Mayan language, there is much stigma associated with it. It can be seen that elders were associated with higher status with knowledge of the language, but the younger generation saw more negative attitudes with knowledge of the language [16] This was also in direct correlation with the socioeconomic status and their overall placement in society. But as the disease progressed, your spirits deteriorated exponentially. Your speech began to slur and you were barely able to speak properly; you had a hard time pronouncing even the simplest of sentences.

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Your mouth would try to say something and the words would come out all scrambled and distorted, like a crooked crossword puzzle. And then, eleven and a half months after our first visit to the doctor, you died. You simply went out altogether, like a candle in the rain. Your beloved C. The Spaniards, for example, have sobremesa ; the Germans have schadenfreude ; the Yiddish dialect has luftmensch , etc. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, mental throes, yearning.

In particular cases it may be the desire for somebody or something specific, nostalgia, love-sickness. The Inuit word iktsuarpok is another one that comes to mind from time to time. Seven years have passed already and—I am ashamed to admit it—it still happens every so often. Some afternoons I catch myself crossing the kitchen door into our garden, as though the school bus were to arrive at any moment and, after the mechanic sigh of its folding doors, you were to emerge from it with a smile on your face.

Your dad has seen me on a couple of occasions dashing out, and he always tells me the same thing: you need to let go. But can I, or will I ever? The death of a child, however, is something so harrowing, an event so dire and painful, that there is no word for its empty aftermath as far as the parents are concerned; it is, indeed, indescribable. In life, it seems, there are nameless feelings or situations simply because one hopes to never experience them.

At the end of the day, a word is a word is a word.

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Or is it? Barely a word was uttered between your father and I during the weeks that followed your death, while the threat of separation loomed over us like a toxic cloud, because we simply were not ready to express the inexpressible. The cruel, visceral reality of it then hit me with a brute force, a reality only materialized by words.

But is a thing without a name nameless for a reason? Words have an intrinsic, mysterious power that somehow contributes to elevating an existing reality to a higher realm, almost as if every tiny thing, by sheer nature, bore its name at its very core; as if words clarified the essence of that which they are supposed to define. Ultimately, it may not be the weight of words that matters, but what they are meant to signify. For every now and then—even when words are there at our free disposal, limitless and immaculate—words simply fail.

Poetry in Spanish. Tortuoso Tautograma. Trazo torcido tu tatuaje, tiene triste tinta turquesa. Tiendo tranquila tu trapo. Tu tupido terciopelo tocando. Tautograma, tarde, temprano, tomando tacos, tragando tequila… Todo tu tiempo termina. Le canto al cielo de mi ciudad. Levanto el fuego de mi ciudad. Seda es hierro. Todo es mejor si no sucede. No hay fronteras en los ojos, ni pulsos en el cielo, ni mercurio en la boca.

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    Luego estalla la conciencia. Acostarme en un recuerdo, con la cama deshecha y ver que todo envejece. El camino que espera no es ruido ni polvo. No se acaba en este mundo. Otro mundo empieza.