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Now there are hydrocarbon-based synthetic solvents that are environmentally friendly. Now we use 30 gallons of solvent a year. The business moved to the current location in , originally an ranch house that had been a repair shop for typewriters and adding machines. La Unica Cleaners 2 had already opened in with Jorge Lopez its owner since the start. The stores were always on the south side of Cerrillos.

This story has been amended to reflect the following correction. A previous version of this story included an incorrect address for La Unica Cleaners.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The correct address is Cerrillos Road. Thank you for reading! Sign Up.

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Sign Up Log In. Dashboard Logout. Close 1 of 6. Home News Business. Correction appended. Hiking and biking opportunities are all around you in Santa Fe, NM.

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The road comes to an end at the Santa Fe Ski Basin, where you can tackle some runs in the winter or go mountain biking in the summer. Meanwhile, the Enchanted Circle takes you on a drive through the outskirts of Santa Fe, taking you around the mountains and making it easy to feel lost in the wilderness. The Enchanted Circle drive is particularly popular and beautiful on a sunny winter day when the sun is sparkling off the white snow. Centuries before America was a country, the region was populated by dozens of Native American villages.

The Pueblo people trace their history in the region as far back as , when they built a village called Ogapoge in what is now downtown Santa Fe. That village extended for half a mile around and was centered on the modern Santa Fe Plaza. In , Santa Fe was chosen as the capital of the Spanish province of Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico in New Spain, and it has remained the capital almost consistently since.

As part of the New Mexico Campaign of that war, a Confederate flag was flown over the Santa Fe capitol building for a few days in March Today, Santa Fe retains its title as the oldest state capital city in the United States. Surprised they have not cancelled my subscription. No self-respecting dog would chew a hippie. They smell like patchouli, B.


And they taste worse. Happily, few pix survive of me from the Sixties and Seventies. I got my fashion sense from Zap Comix. On the other hand, there are some of me that I would prefer disappear.

A Monument to Outlast Humanity

Such as the night that Tom Kellogg yep, that Tom Kellogg , me, and a half dozen other undergrads went motorcycle streaking across the Univ. Yep, I have the pictures…threatened to trade them to Tom for a new Spectrum, but then he would have them. Fortunately that night, no one dropped a bike. I got a little distracted from the Sante Fe Century ride. Besides Patrick and Khal, is anyone else interested? Due to creeping dementia, I signed up for the Maybe I will change my mind when I get to Lone Butte. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns featuring Ole Børud

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