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PDF Il brevetto (Fondamenti) (Italian Edition)

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Logic 37, No. Review of : Clote, Peter G. Review of: A. Dragalin, Cut-elimination in the theory of definable sets of natural numbers, Publicationes Mathematicae, 51, No. Review of : Glass, T. On the proof-theoretic strength of monotone induction, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 85, Proof-theoretic aspects of self-referential truth.

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Christian, C. Unvollstaendigkeitssatz, Sitzungsber.

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II, Oesterr. Asymmetric interpretation for bounded theories. Levels of Truth. Review of: S. Feferman, Reflecting on incompleteness, Journal of Symbolic Logic 56 , In each region there are places that would deserve more attention from the international and national public. Mantua, Urbino, and Gerace in Calabria, to name only three, have the potential to attract hundred of thousands of tourists looking for new and fascinating places to visit, but who may not want to spend hours queueing as they are forced to do in Rome, Florence and Venice.

Even though some areas have become more well-known and have been able to exploit their features as the set of famous movies Matera being a notable case unfortunately many others have not been able to create effective promotion programs, especially overseas. Comacchio Ferrara, Emilia Romagna, Italy.

The beautiful movie "Tale of Tales" by director Matteo Garrone has used three incredible castles as movie stages. Many people already knew Castel del Monte in Puglia, but Roccasalegna in Abruzzo and Donnafugata Castle in Sicily were surely wonderful surprises for the audience.

Who knows, however, how many realized that they are real places and not created by the magic of special effects? Our relatives and friends abroad need to be proud of their past, but they can only do so by truly knowing the Bel Paese and not simply the places dominating international images.

Mantova, Italy. Cities such as Ravenna, Chieti, Ferrara, Salerno and Viterbo deserve more than being named in history books' footnotes, they should be recognized for their contribution to the history of Italy and therefore of the world. If it had not been for the film "Amadeus" by Czech director Milos Forman, how many people would know who the musician Antonio Salieri was? We have forgotten too many of our artists and authors, it is time we get to know them again and make sure they will not be forgotten anymore.

We cannot think of promotional programs for important exhibitions and events in terms of a few months anymore. We should think in terms of three, four and five years in advance and advertise them to the international audience to allow those interested to schedule their holidays in Italy during those occasions. Events such as the "General States of the Italian Language" should not take place always in the same location, as it happened so far with Florence, but also be hosted in other cities.

For instance, it is my opinion that, in the case of last year's General States, Ferrara would have been a more than fair location, as marked the seventeenth anniversary of Torquato Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, a fundamental work for European literature.